Some suggestions

May 28, 2008 at 2:06 AM

I have worked on a similar type of project, NetTiers, and during my time supporting the community, I came across some issues that you may wish to address. I have also found some bugs that you may wish to fix.

Current version - sometimes as developers we are not allowed to change the db schema
Handle the SqlException thrown if the user enters incorrect database/database not started.
Add support for database names with spaces - currently throws SqlException on 'USE Foo Bar;'
Add support for table names and column names with spaces - currently generates invalid DDL, 'sp_Foo Bar_SelectAll' and invalid variable names, '@Foo bar nvarchar(MAX)'
Add support for prefixing the object names with the schema owner - not everyone can use dbo, ie in shared hosting
Make the '-- Create date:' comment optional - makes using a diff tool hard will lots of false positives
Make the 'IF EXISTS (...) DROP PROCEDURE' optional - sometimes we need to do ALTER PROCEDURE instead of DROP/CREATE.

Future versions - you may wish to consider
support loading single rows by unique constraints
support loading multiple rows by FK/indexes, ie sp_Orders_SelectAllByCustomerId